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Albany, NY CapitolThe IOGANY PAC was formed in January of 2004 out of a need to show support for legislators who are deemed friends of our industry. From time to time IOGANY directors travel to Albany when the legislature is in session to meet with key lawmakers to discuss issues important to the oil and gas industry. Such face-to-face meetings with legislators are absolutely critical. Originally our visits were to introduce ourselves and educate the legisltors about New York's oil and gas industry.

Over time, these efforts evolved into more frequent meetings addressing specific issues confronting our industry. These include regulatory concerns with the DEC and proactive efforts to change, and even introduce, laws that impact us. We routinely meet with key members of the Energy and Environmental Committees as these committees often address issues of concern to us.

In order to maintain our presence in Albany and to show our support to those friends of the oil and gas industry who understand our issues and want us to prosper, we must be able to support their initiatives in Albany, and help their efforts in order to remain in office.

Any support that you can give the PAC to help strengthen our presence in Albany and continue our efforts to work with those key legislators is greatly appreciated.

If you ever have questions about the PAC, please feel free to contact Brad Gill, Executive Director of IOGANY.

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