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The Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York (IOGANY) represents oil and gas professionals to the citizens and lawmakers of New York State. Membership is open to producers, operators, engineers, consultants, landowners and allied businesses and individuals. The energy industry has a proud history of providing safe, efficient and environmentally sound exploration for oil and natural gas in New York, while employing thousands of workers and contributing to the New York's quality of life. Headquartered in suburban Buffalo, IOGANY advocates for industry and educates the public through community outreach.



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Smart use of fossil fuels has improved our environment. Check out this video from the Environmental Policy Alliance.


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Standing Strong

IOGANY is steadfast in its commitment to serve its membership.

Our core members – the small to mid-size independent enterprises – maintain the proud tradition this industry has enjoyed in New York for almost two centuries. And IOGANY is still here, advocating in Albany, convening its members for education and networking purposes, speaking out in the media, and helping enlighten the public at-large.

Our resolve is undeterred: IOGANY’s board and staff are here to support our members by calling for reasonable regulation and broader understanding of the benefits of natural gas.


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As New York’s trade association representing the very energy source that brings wealth, prosperity, and environmental safeguards to New Yorkers, we find it preposterous that our attorney general, along with others, would launch a targeted initiative to further cripple the fossil fuel industry.  If it weren’t enough that no unconventional exploration is allowed here in New York, or that we now deny even a pipeline crossing our state to serve our neighboring states in need of low-cost energy, our elected officials are now targeting the nationwide fossil fuel industry.

This is the height of hypocrisy in New York State as we are the fourth largest consuming state of natural gas while we are happy to import more and more natural gas from other states… yes, gas that has been hydraulically fractured.   This is a blatant disregard of our citizens by attacking low-cost, clean natural gas because we all depend heavily upon fossil fuels in our daily lives, and it reflects New York’s legacy of corrupt politics and self-serving, mis-directed goals.

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