Biden Administration’s Plans To Restrict Home Appliances Confirmed

July 26, 2023

Originally posted by Story written by William Rainer.

It has recently been confirmed that the Biden Administration has plans to put major restrictions on home appliances across the US.

In a conference involving the White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, reporters asked her about the administration’s fight against such appliances. The reporter pointed out that the administration has held a firm stance in opposition to appliances such as: “gas stoves, air conditioning units… refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, now water heaters…”

Instead of letting the markets and capitalism run its course, the Biden Administration plans to use their status to enforce nationwide restrictions on the less efficient, but less costly home appliances. In order to make this happen the administration is hoping to regulate the less efficient, in effect getting rid of all cheaper options. However, the stated goal is not set to be complete until 2029.

As reported by Fox, the plan would drastically reduce energy related bills for Americans in the long term despite the difficulty affording the higher-end appliances. The benefits would be wide spreading, but the up front cost to the average American household would potentially outweigh such diffuse gains. Additionally, though the goal of saving Americans money in the long run is noble enough, the method could be greatly improved upon. For example, instead of disincentivizing less efficient appliances, maybe the administration could incentivize the more efficient ones.

The American people pay trillions of dollars in taxes each year. Maybe instead of dismantling the military and funding inhumane agendas in schools, the government could give the American people means to afford the more efficient appliances. On top of all this it may come as no surprise that the regulation on water heaters, stoves, and the like are all the latest ploys by the Biden Administration to push the climate agenda on the American people. If the administration planned to fund the mass purchasing of higher end washing machines and related appliances, at least they would be putting their money where their mouth is.