Greta Thunberg’s online climate change cover-up

March 15, 2023

Originally published by Washington Examiner. Opinion by Christopher Tremoglie.

Climate change alarmist Greta Thunberg has made a living by scaring millions of children into believing the world will end because of climate change. But now, it appears even she might be skeptical of the alarmist rhetoric.

Greta Thunberg's online climate change cover-up

Greta Thunberg’s online climate change cover-up© Provided by Washington Examiner

Thunberg is trying to cover her tracks after yet another climate change doomsday prediction did not come true. Thunberg reportedly deleted a tweet from 2018 that claimed unless the planet stopped using fossil fuels over the next five years, climate change would inevitably cause the demise of human civilization.


“How dare she!”

Thunberg was a silly, indoctrinated teenager at that time, so the schadenfreude over her Twitter failure should probably be somewhat curbed, even if she is an arrogant climate alarmist fanatic. And Thunberg’s error of doomsday prognostication has been repeated multiple times by many older people, supposedly wiser than her. Essentially, she was repeating what she was taught. This isn’t to excuse her in any way but merely point out that she is a symptom of the radical Left’s rhetoric on climate change.

Consider just some of the many exaggerated claims of impending doom the climate change cult has been incorrect about.

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For years, Glacier National Park posted signs warning that all of its glaciers would disappear by 2020 due to climate change. These were signs funded and promoted by the national government and placed throughout the park so that visitors could see them and reinforce that warning. Then, in June 2019, the park quietly removed the signs. Why? Because the predictions of impending doom were completely wrong. The amount of snow from previous years exceeded forecasts and projections of climate “experts” and scientists.

Bob Woodruff, a journalist for ABC News, promoted Earth 2100 in June 2008 on Good Morning America. Woodruff declared that by June 2015, climate change would cause New York City to be underwater. Well, how did that work out? Other ominous but false predictions from this television special included the estimate that it would cost $9 for a gallon of gas and $12.99 for a gallon of milk — all stemming from climate change.

In 2006, former Vice President Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, proclaimed that “unless drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gasses are taken within the next ten years, the world will reach a point of no return.” Peter Wadhams, another so-called expert and professor of ocean physics, stated in 2012 that Arctic sea ice would be gone by 2016.

Trust the science? Trust the experts? These people couldn’t guess tomorrow’s weather, yet the world is supposed to believe their “science” regarding the planet years or decades from now. It’s sheer nonsense. In what other profession would such people still have jobs or any credibility left?

This brings me back to Thunberg. She might be young, but her fearmongering is the oldest thing in the world of environmental politics. There’s a reason she deleted the tweet and a reason she tried to do it inconspicuously. After the repeated failures of the climate change industrial complex, Thunberg showed she is the latest victim to fall for the hysteria and the latest to get caught promoting scientific nonsense.